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Anju Beauté is the line of Natural Cosmetics, dedicated to our four-legged friends. The French house Anju Beauté offers only quality products for the care and beauty of dogs, such as lotions and creams natural balm for the coat of dogs and cats.

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A high-quality dual-purpose face, feet, and eye finishing comb for dogs and cats. Use the fine side to gently comb out crusty tear stain and eye debris, discharge, gunk, and boogers. The coarse side is ideal for removing knots and tangles from around the face and beard.

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NVSH15 Nina Venezia® - EXCELLENCE CONDITIONER  - 200 ml Properties: Restructuring mask and conditioner 2 in 1. After Shampoo with a detangling power that leaves the coat soft, silky to the touch and extremely shiny. Strengthens the elasticity and structure of the coat, giving it hydration, vitality and shine without weighing it down. Presented in a very...

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Anju Beautè Hair Conditioner OPTIMUM CARE 250 ml Balsam cream with a smoothing and detangling action for all the coats of Dogs and Cats. Excellent cream balm for hair, delicately scented with Wheat Germ - ProvitaminsThe keratin in the hairs attracts the innovative and high performance surfactant of polymers, helping to reduce the friction on the hairs...

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ANJU Volumizing spray TEXTURE 150ml - Volumizing for fragile coats which don't have any volume. Suitable for all types of breed and mantles to which a volumizing action is required. Based on Volumizing Surfactants - Provitamin B5 ML 150 Ideal for dogs and cats. Made in FranceCare of beauty Spray volumizer suitable for dogs and cats that also participate...

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