Anju Beautè - Nourishing and Revitalizing Lotion for Dogs and Cats JOJOBA SPRAY 150ml

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ANJU Volumizing spray TEXTURE 150ml - Volumizing for fragile coats which don't have any volume.

Suitable for all types of breed and mantles to which a volumizing action is required.

Based on Volumizing Surfactants - Provitamin B5

ML 150

Ideal for dogs and cats.

Made in France

Care of beauty Spray volumizer suitable for dogs and cats that also participate in beauty contests. Volumizing surfactants and provitamin B5 add brilliance, hydration and give an exceptional volume to long and semi-long coats. Easy to use SPRAY TEXTURE strengthens volumizing effects leaving a voluminous effect of the coat that lasts a long time.


Spray generously on the clean and dry coat, allow the hair to evaporate and comb the hair if necessary. Our tip: SPRAY TEXTURE is ideal for animals that contribute to exhibitions and beauty contests.

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ANJU BEAUTE international French brand famous for its excellence offers a wide and complete range of luxury shampoos and beauty care products for dogs and cats. For more than 10 years, it developes comsethic treatments especially thought for dogs and cats and offers them high quality solutions for all their needs. A specific line perfect for all breeds, always keeping in mind the different needs of their coats. A product which ensures visible and long results. The Anju Beauté research center develops its products using the most recent progress in cosmethic branch. The production laboratory has a sterile and haseptic zone and uses the most recent techniques for high quality products production con a total transparency and traceability. Its products are results of a strong collaboration with engeneers, biochemists, veterinaries and bio-cosmethics specialists, to guarantee the best quality, purity and naturalness of the products.

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