Love Pet Box - Hygiene and Beauty Theme

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Mysterious Box - Hygiene and Beauty

Upon arrival, a surprise for everyone! Both for you and for your him or for your her.

We will deliver you a beautiful Mystery Love pet Box that will contain at least 5 various Hygiene and Beauty products - obviously that are suitable for any size and breed - and you will save a lot compared to the sum of the single regular prices.

In fact, on the Mystery Love Pet Box we are committed to making you save at least 25% and up to 35%.


When we compose the box we make sure that the sum of the regular prices of each item contained in the box, prices that you find on, is equal to or greater than the value of the box, indicated as the starting price.

So the overall value of the regular priced box may be even higher, but you will always pay the stated discounted price.
Upon arrival you will be able to check the individual prices on MyLuxurypet and you will see that you will be satisfied!

In the notes to the order if you want you can indicate if it is male or female and the breed: we will make sure to choose targeted products!

NOTE: The image is purely indicative and not binding.
The delivered products will be chosen by MyLuxurypet in compliance with the theme and the starting price reported for the single object.

Try the MyLuxurypet Love pet Box!

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