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Do you love animals? Here for you a selection of items for the home in the form of Dogs, Cats and other animals.

Ceramic statues, clothes hook, cups, miscellaneous items, everything for your home carefully chosen by MyLuxuryPet.com.

Information: customer@myluxurypet.com


  • Statue Ceramica

    Ceramic Statues Shaped Dog or Cat, to decorate your lounge, your garden or your terrace. Handmade Ceramic Statues have different shapes and different sizes.

    Choose from our exclusive online store the Dog or Cat statue Ceramic Furnishing.

    Information: customer@myluxurypet.com

  • Bracelets in Silver -...

    Delicious and precious silver bracelets, handmade by a Venetian craftman of MyLuxuryPet. You can choose the pendulum and, if you wish, engrave the name of your dog or cat on the pendulum. The engraving will be hand-made without the use of the pantograph so that your bracelet is even more exclusive.

  • Complements Home...

    A selection of Home Decor very special, in the form of dog and cat.

    Original ideas for your home or as a gift very pleasing to those who, like you, love the dog and the cat.

    MyLuxuryPet has chosen for you, home accessories, shaped Dog and Cat, high quality.

    Information: customer@myluxurypet.com

  • Life Style

    Lifestyle MyLuxuryPet.com - A selection of particular objects to the owners of dogs and cats.

    But not only! Exclusive items for your dog or your cat.


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