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Here you can find a Fashion Collections of Dresses, Sweats, Raincoats, Downjackets and much more for you Four-Legged-Friend!


  • Dog Coat - Down Jackets

    Wide range of Down Jackets and coats for dogs, perfect for protecting from the autumn and spring cold and from the intense cold of winter.

  • Dog Raincoat

    Wide range of raincoats to protect your dog from rain or cool autumn or spring weather.

  • Sweater

    Dog sweaters, in soft acrylic wool. Our Milk & Pepper branded dog sweaters will keep your four-legged friend warm and pampered even on cold days.

  • T-Shirts and Polo Shirt

    Nice, comfortable and Colorful T-Shirts, and Polo shirt or the Most Fashionable Dogs!

  • Fashion Accessories

    Hats, Bandanas, Scarves and Scarfs for Dogs: all accessories for the most fashionable dogs!

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