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Confectionery items for Dogs, Cats, and all our Pets, such as cookies, treats, sweets and much more, made without preservatives and with organic and natural products.


  • Christmas Selection 2018

    In full Christmas spirit, Dolcimpronte launches, in addition to traditional Italian Panettone, a special collection dedicated to Christmas.
    Italian Panettoni and Pandori, classic and frosted cookies, many exquisite sweets to make the Christmas of our little big friends even more special.

    With Dolcimpronte the Christmas tradition comes to our four-legged friends too!


    Tradition and experience are characteristic features of our confectionery products.

    Skillful confectioners prepare every day our confectionery products, to offer to our four-legged friends a wide choice of delicacies, which they will not be able to withstand.


    To celebrate the birthday of our four-legged friends, Dolcimpronte creates delicious cakes! These delicacies are prepared with the taste, the softness, the consistency of the freshly baked homemade sweets, with simple ingredients and above all the patient manual processing that makes each cake a unique piece.


    Entirely handmade crafty biscuits, made with love, which give away tough flavors. Every imperfection of them puts in the forefront the manualness and the merit of each of them, exalting the emilian roots of pastry makers who realize them.

  • Valentine's Pastry for...

    For a special occasion like Valentine's Day, Dolcimpronte dedicates a line created with care and love, to give to your four-legged best friend.

  • Country - Pets Patisserie

    Let yourself  and you four-legged friend be tempted by the Country style of the new Sweets and Biscuits for Dogs and Pets handmade one by one by Dolcimpronte confectioners!


    When the desire for sweet grows more and more, it only needs to be satisfied by tasting delicious vanilla flavor candies. Facing so much sweetness it will be hard to resist!!!


    Our confectioners experience every day new recipes and new flavors, even salted, in order to satisfy the palates of our little four-legged friends. Neapolitan classic pizza, finger-food-sized pizza, rustic, savory, salty appetizers, stuffed vol au vent, popcorn, an many more for an unforgettable pet appetizer!

  • Sports - Sweets for Pets

    For the most sporting pets, Dolcimpronte has created the sport line. Lots of delicious cookies to cheer your favorite team together with your four-legged friend!


    For special occasions, Dolcimpronte offers an exquisite Champagne for Pets. Its precious bubbles will accompany moments of toast, festivities and important occasions, while a quenching and delicious apple juice will make the snack time even more delicious!

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