Dolci Impronte® - Classic Cake- 2 colors - Customizable with Photo 300 GR

35,16 €

Customizable with photo of your little pet.

Ingredients: Sponge cake, wheat flour type 0, wheat starch, fructose, eggs,
dehydrated fruit, mother yeast, preservatives e200 e202.
Filling: chocolate without teobromin.
Covering with yoghurt glaze, cookies dough flavor, dehydrated fruit.

Peso / Weight: 300 gr

After completing your order, just send us your puppy's photo at:

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Dolci Impronte is a pet confectionery based on passion and research for fresh products with which creating quality sweets for pets. Based on the Tosco-Emilian Appennine in Zocca (Modena), land of tradition and delicacies, Dolcimpronte delights our pet friends palates with traditional hadnmade local specialities, were taste and tradition perfectly blend. The recipes, made with the help of a veterinary nutritionist, are made without sugar and with quality raw materials. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are the fundamental points of Dolcimpronte, which creates artisanal sweets even for holidays and special occasions:  Easter doves, panettone, pandori, etc. everything for our friends dogs and cats. Known throughout Italy for the goodness and genuineness of its products Dolcimpronte is the reference pastry for all our gluttonous friends. Dolci Impronte .... a tasty tradition to tell!