Eye Envy - Off the Beard Hair Cleanser - Dogs and Cats

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Eye Envy - Off the Beard Hair Cleanser for Dogs and Cats

Off The Beard Hair Cleanser, by Eye Envy, is the ideal Spray to Cure your Dog's or Cat's Nose and Beard Hygiene. Package of 120 ml.

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Ideal to use on Long-Haired Dogs and Cats, the Cleanser for Fur Nose, Mustache and Neck, by Eye Envy, Removes Stains and unpleasant Odors caused by Saliva, Food, Bacteria, Dirt which your Dog or Cat gets in contact with, on the street.

The Hair Stain Remover Off the Beard, Eye Envy, contains only Natural Ingredients, by a Clean and Perfumed Beard and Hair.

Ingredients: water, colloidal silver, boric acid and witch hazel. Cotton bag included.