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PLAY - Dog Ball Food Dispenser for Dogs - Wobble Ball

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Wobble Ball is the latest generation of food dispenser for dogs, to stimulate the appetite and the fun of your furry friend.
Designed specifically to roll in an unpredictable way to entertain the dog, Wobble Ball stimulates the pet mentally and physically.
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The use of Wobble Ball is simple: just insert the favorite tidbits from your dog inside the ball. These will come out of the ball only if the dog will roll it the right way, as a reward for his persistence and intelligence!

Measurements: 13.18 cm (diam.) X h. 12.95.

The Wobble Ball Ball is made using solid and durable polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic.
Certified to be 100% dishwasher safe.
Designed with a strong thread to allow the separation of the toy for easy cleaning and to ensure safe use by the animal.
It keeps the dog mentally and physically stimulated, it can also be used to slow down the feeding.
It has three openings in the shape of a speech bubble (measures 3.94x2.54 h - 3.38x2.24 h, 3.05x1.90 h) from which the nibbles will come out.

The Wobble Ball is not a chew or recovery toy, but a fun interactive game that distributes food. If your puppy starts chewing the Wobble ball, remove the toy and place it in a different place to restart the game cycle. The Wobble ball is meant to be pushed and rolled with your dog's paw and snout, and your dog's jaw should never slip into the openings.


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