Eye Envy - NR -Eyes Stain Remover Cleanser - Cat - 237 ml

45,90 €


Cleanser Eye Envy for Cats' Eyes is the first part of a two-phase system which, together with the Powder Eye Envy Eliminates and Prevents the Dark Spots around the Eyes of the Cat, due to tearing. It is a Natural Product which has to be applied locally and doesn't irritate. Package of 237 ml.

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Cleanser Eye Envy is produced without preservatives, bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful substances; It has to be applied outside the Eye of the Cat, to Eliminate Stains around it, and can also be used on the Legs to Remove Dirty. It can be applied even on Puppies.

IMPORTANT: For best results, after using the cleanser, apply the Powder Eye Envy.