Dolci Impronte® - Smoked Bresaola flavored Pop Corn (ASL Prot.0088901/16)

2,38 €


To the most demanding pets are dedicated to our delicious snacks, like our delicious Pop Corn, in so many tastes, perfect for a birthday party, or to munch on the couch.

Weight: 30 gr.

Ingredients: hot blasted maize. Flavor: Smoked Bresaola.

Authorized by Zocca's health office (Modena - Italy).

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Dolcimpronte srl is a pet food patisserie that is based on passion and research always fresh produce with which to make quality cakes. Located on the Appennino Tosco Emiliano in Zocca di Modena, a land of tradition and flavors, Dolcimpronte delights the palates of our friends dogs and cats with local and handicraft specialties where goodness and tradition blend perfectly. Recipes made with the help of a veterinary nutritionist are free of sugar and high quality raw materials, as much as km0. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the key points of Dolcimpronte, which creates handmade sweets for festivities and special occasions: chocolate eggs, easter doves, panettons, pandori, etc. all for our friends dogs and cats. Known throughout Italy for the goodness and genuineness of its products Dolcimpronte is the patisserie of reference for all our gourmand friends.
Dolcimpronte: a delectable tradition to tell!