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Milk&Pepper - The trendy Pet Fashion

Milk&Pepper - The trendy Pet Fashion

Here we are, finally also for you

We at Milk & Pepper are French and the style is followed by Sylvain who is a specialist in children's clothing, as are the companies that produce Milk & Pepper garments for us.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets, sweaters: everything for small and medium-sized dogs.

We think and create the garments as if the four-legged recipients were, but perhaps they are, our children.

Precious embroidery, fine fabrics, perfect seams, details made with care.

And then? Very very chic leashes, collars and harnesses!

We are proud of our Spring Summer and Autumn Winter Milk & Pepper collections. And we are proud to present our products here on MyLuxuryPet- Venice, because the collaboration with MyLuxuryPet goes beyond the commercial aspect: in fact, we both share the limitless love for our faithful friends, whether they are cats or dogs.

So thank you for the attention you will give to our products.

Milk & Pepper