Anju Beauté -Shampoo For Dogs and Cats Without Fragrance - Delicate Skin - - Energie Pure 250 ml

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Anju Beauté -Shampoo For Dogs and Cats - Delicate Skin - 250 ml

Natural shampoo for dogs and cats with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. Suitable for all types of hair and race. Shampoo without perfume based Lotus Flower - Ginseng - Wheat Proteins - Provitamins


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Shampoo Pure Energy Anju Beauté, 250 ml, is recommended for dogs or cats who spend much time outdoors and lactating females for which it is essential not to change their scent. Fragrance free shampoo is enriched with Provitamins, Wheat Proteins and oligo-elements. These ingredients, combined with water-soluble extracts of lotus flower and ginseng, provide a deep clean and at the same time soothing and energizing. It respects the physiological status of his skin and hair.
Distribute and massage the product all over the surface, leave for 2 minutes and rinse.